Sunday, January 24, 2010

Translation: Leyenda

Leyenda (Legend) escritó por (written by) Jorge Luis Borges de (from) Argentina

Abel and Cain met each other after Abel's death. They walked through the desert and recognized each other from afar, because they were both very tall. The brothers sat on the earth, made a fire, and ate.
They remained silent, in the maner of those who are
tired at the end of the day. A star appeared in the sky, one whose name nobody can remember. By the light of the flame, Cain noticed the mark of a stone indented in Abel's forehead and the bread he had raised to his lips fell before he could eat it and he asked whether his crime had been forgiven.
Abel answered:
"Did you kill me or did I kill you? I already cannot remember, and here we are, together like before."
"Now, you must have forgiven me," Cain said, "because to forget is to forgive. I will, too, try to forget."
Abel replied softly"
"That's right. While the remorse lasts, so does the guilt."


  1. thank you so much :) i was looking for this translation everywhere! good short story to read

  2. Nice translation! This is very helpful:)

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  4. Do they both have marks on their foreheads? My teacher keeps saying that.

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  11. was there anyone else who felt like this story was a huge letdown? I was all excited for some climactic exchange between the two brothers, and then they just sit and eat and talk with no real problem in the story.

    1. I think that's the point :) the simplicity in having your own brother accept your regret and forgive you blindly, an act of love, rather than necessity- as Jesus says "forgive your transgressors"; a lesson made in antiquity hence the name of the poem "LEGEND". I think their relationship as siblings is very important here tho as I don't think Borges' lesson is forgive anyone who hurts you