Thursday, January 14, 2010

And when I press the keys; it all gets reversed.

I don't think the sound of loneliness makes anybody happier. My problem is that I don't know how to believe. I look for evidence. I am a Christian because I have evidence. I need to hear the truth, even if it's a lie. How many times have I fallen for 'I love you?' or a hug...
I'm just like any other girl.
But the thing is I want to believe. It's just difficult when it seems that others are out there to burn you. Who else has felt like that? I want to be beautiful, and wild, and free. I dance because I want to fly. Is there any other reason man tries to defy gravity? I want to DEFY what people believe. I believe so much in the impossible that the possible seems to be a dream.
I dance with my words. Syntex, split leaps, arabesques, diction... I don't see a difference. This is a dance to a song. My words fit the patterns.
Now if only I had some help with the choreography. Solos sure do get boring fast.
Although I can never be lonely... I wish I had some faith.
Or at least some evidence.

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