Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something Beautiful

I'm afraid sometimes that I will lose the power to create.
Every individual needs to be an artist. It's in our blood. Our ancestors created things: useful things, beautiful things, inspirational things. They created to stay alive. We are no longer asked to create. We are asked to regurgitate. There is no room for beauty, unless we use beauty to enhance our career, in which case people slap a label onto you (photographer, journalist, model...) and grade your work on a rubric scale.
You pour your soul into the world and people tell you the contrast isn't good enough, but go ahead and try again to recapture that moment that can never happen again. Or that instant your heart felt raw enough to remold.
I've stopped writing for others. I enjoy sharing my soul with those who will not criticise me. It's nothing more than evolution. But I've stopped seeking approval, writing in iambic pentameter, or drawing with anything other than crayola colored pencils. Because that's all it takes to create something beautiful.
And that's all I need to get me through the day.