Monday, May 2, 2011


"Here is a gift I will give you both.
See it grow inside your mind
Breathe its beauty
See it, see, see, see, FEEL!
It's gone.
Now only you will know its beauty and only
will know fully the beauty inside of

"Read the Scriptures. Every time that they mention water, they mention truth. Jesus walked on water, He walked on truth. And maybe you don't want to hear the truth, but there it is, like water, pouring down on you! You gave me truth and now I'm giving it back to you."

Death is a saint. You must learn to fear the things more frightening than death...

"From your new friend."

The skeleton took my hand. I withdrew, afraid. The cold hand was there, and the broken smile of the skull spoke without words. "You can hide from Me," she seemed to say, "But you can never know truth without knowing me."
So much water in blood.
I took her hand. Truth poured upon me like a waterfall, threatening to crush my bones. But I told my mouth not to scream and my heart to stop beating---

---I waited for God. He came. He came back, took me in His arms, like the Prodigal Son, He kissed my scars and read me Issaiah 40:31 and 1 Corinthians 13. He loved me and forgave the blackness I can never forget. In the three heartbeats that my heart missed, I relearned to breathe. Something bloomed in my heart, errupted from a bud, as He whispered encouragement I had forgotten into my soul---

I woke up and dreamt of love. It is a living feeling. He brings us home with love.