Saturday, January 9, 2010

The First Truth This website belongs to the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka. It is made to inform americans that God hates their country, that 9/11 was a gift from God, that all the dead soldiers from Iraq are in hell, and, of course, that fags are abhorred by the maker. Now, I am a Christian. Sometimes I struggle in my faith. I don't know the Bible half as well as I should but I BELIEVE in God, I seek information. When I have doubts, I don't throw them away, I face them and figure out how to get past them. I struggled with every one of these issues. Does God hate the world? Well if He did, why would He not change it? He is allpowerful. No, the world is the way it is because of PEOPLE. God didn't create 9/11. People did. God does not make planes go down, cars crash, murders happen. God does not addict people to drugs. People do. Well then why does God not stop it? Why does He not look down and see the wrecks we all have become and trasnform us? Because He loves us so much He gave us the freedom to live our lives as human beings, not as robots adherent to his will. We make our own choices and our own destinies. I can't quote the Bible for you here, but this is something I know as strongly as if it were written in those very pages. GOD DOES NOT HATE US. He gave us everything. He made us out of the image of himself because we meant so much to him. He fought over us more than He fought for the angels- those divine beings whom He made too perfect. Instead of anything else, He chose to love us. To speak through us, to save us, to appear to us, to give US his one son!
America is in a state of sin. That is undeniable. But this state applies to individiuals and all individuals sin. And the world is in a state of sin. Look at us! Look at the wars we are fighting, at the terror we live in. But it doesn't have to be this way because the life of every individual is in their hands.
And as for homosexuality? Yes, I believe it is a sin. But guess what? So is the white lie you told your wife when she asked if she looked fat this morning. So is the curse word that escaped into the abyss of your car when you had to slam the breaks this morning when that obnoxious biker zoomed by. So is that affair you're having, so is that judgement you passed on a stranger-
We all live in sin. All sin is equal. Now you can say we're all going to hell, or you can try to save each other. I do not believe that loving someone of the same sex is a sin. I believe fornication is, and acting out sexualy on this is.
Sin is a thing of the Devil. There is no Devil in love. Love is all from God.
God does not hate. That's what Lucifer is for. And I would ask everyone to pray from those individuals who are being mislead by the Westboro Church. And to fight against this abomination. To fight for the God we all believe in.

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