Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My best friend

He finds beauty in places I would never dare look.
He believes that darkness is the absence of light, that silence is the absence of sound, and that sin is the absence of good.
He makes the world simple and yet so complex and beautiful.
He is my second half.

"We don't have to beat the devil. The devil has already been beaten."

Whoever says that people have to be dating to love each other is wrong. Because I love my best friend more than I ever loved another boy, even if that love is totally different.

Someday he'll see this. And it will brighten his day.
Until then... perhaps friendship is the absence of loneliness. That whiny, terrible word I hate so much.


  1. You two are amazing.


  2. Someday I'll see this?
    I'm going to read this every day

  3. Bet you havent read this everyday