Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doesn't everybody want love?

It sounds nice. But if I ever fall in love, he needs to smell and smile like sunshine. So many guys smile so brightly they blind you, bind you, figure you out and refuse to even realize that they barely scraped the image of who you are.
I was talking to a friend about being in love. "Isn't that what everybody is always searching for?"
And I thought about that. I'm not searching. I haven't felt like anybody I know speaks in a way that make the stars in my heart race through their colors and explode. Or like anybody can be satisfied with just being happy. Or like anybody can remind me why I am human, why I was born with two legs instead of four.
On top of that, I realized how much I loved that friend and all of my other friends. Because their arms are always open for me and for my tears. Even if I am sick, they will comfort me and then think about the consequences... possibly after they already share my fate. They trust me fully and who needs to search for anything else?
Everybody wants love. But some people just don't know how to look past the obvious definition.

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