Sunday, February 28, 2010


Blind faith is bullshit. The faith is in a smile, in a proof of happiness. A proof that can never be mathematical- well, perhaps for some. I believe because I see everything I believe in vividly. Give me day, with bright contours to offset the doubts of night. And give me night then, to soften the harsh angles of the day. Give me something I can believe in, a flash of joy. A smile is simply a physical result of a tiny switch turning on something wonderful within the soul.
And the people in my life... well, they have such beautiful souls. When they smile, all the happiness of the world beams and illuminates my life, proving that everything I have to live for exists.
And there is my God, in the face of my baby brother, a tiny angel. In his big blue eyes. In the voices of my friends, my pillars of strength. In the warmth of my family. In this struggle for existance, I can believe that perfection exists.

Now there is a faith that will never blind you and lead you astray.

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